Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Tree Trimmer

Lukas wanted to go dumpster diving on Sunday afternoon - the college students are moving out and leave all sorts of treasures behind. Noah did not want to join us but rather decided to beautify the yard by trimming off unsightly growth around our little tree.

Lukas came home with a few treasures and the tree looks much better. What a great way to end Mother's Day.

Mother's Day

The boys pulled out all stops to celebrate me on Mother's Day. There were gifts, there were heartfelt cards, there was dinner, there was cake, and there was fellowship. I am so blessed to have the privilege to call myself Mama and to be Mama to two such amazing young men - could not ask for anything more.


Lukas and Noah entered the Sons of the American Revolution's Essay Contest open to Eagle Scouts. Both were awarded prizes and were recognized at the SAR luncheon this past weekend. Lukas essay is now in contention for the national contest. The boys came home with certificates, medals, checks, and Lukas even received an impressive trophy. The college fund is growing.

Camera issue ... :-(

Heading Home

After four full days in New Mexico, we turned the car West to head back home. Lukas happily drove most of the way and we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset from the window. It is fun to travel, but home is always the best.


Although a bit tired from a long day of practicum, we took advantage of the lighter evenings and the warm breeze to explore Ruidoso and its surroundings. Lukas found a look-out point that looked interesting and off we went. It turned out to be yet another dirt road, winding up the mountain, as we climbed from 7,000 ft to 9,000 ft, but the view was worth every minute of  'white-knuckle' driving. The temperature was a bit cooler and the wind much stronger and the view magnificent.

Selfies do not point out poles sticking out of someone's head :-) The sun in the eyes made for funny faces.

Monday, May 14, 2018

Rock Climbing

One evening, some of the practicum families gathered at a local camp that was offering an open gym night including a rather large climbing wall. Noah and Lukas suited up and up they went. The next morning, they discovered a few new muscles they did not know they had..

Large Bed

We were graciously hosted in a beautiful home in New Mexico. Lukas was given the permission to photograph the house for his website, and Noah enjoyed the larger and very comfortable bed. In the morning, we were greeted by a gorgeous sun rise.