Monday, December 10, 2018

Electronics Shopping

The primary purpose for our stop in Shenzhen was to visit the electronics market. Lukas had a long shopping list, and the rest of us wanted to browse the latest in technology.  We explored building upon building, saw more telephone cases than the world will ever need,  looked at more cables, wires, and nuts, and bargained and haggled to get the best prices. At the end of the day, Lukas had crossed off all items on his list, and we had walked over 25,000 steps. 

The common areas had lots of beautiful flower displays - a bit of color among all the tech

It is good to know that people with pests cannot ride the escalator

So, do I take off my shoes??

This made us laugh

Checking the floor map

Computer gaming chair - yes it was very comfortable

At times we had to come outside to get to another building and I stopped to smell the flowers

This is a family business, kids were running around everywhere.
Who needs a playground when there are stacks of shipments to conquer?
This seems to be 'all the rage' and yes it works


We arrived safely in Shenzhen and being 'pro' at the Metro had no trouble getting to the hotel. Our hotel room, more fittingly called, a hotel suite was more spacious than our apartment in Chongqing, and we spread out! With a long day in front of us and some travel fatigue, everyone was ready for bed, the spacious living room notwithstanding. 

Smart Cart

The Chongqing airport is modern, clean, and well equipped - ready for rapid expansion in travelers. When all our bag were checked and with boarding passes in hand, we had some time to explore. This tablet equipped luggage cart informed us that we had 99 minutes to our flight and where to find good eats.

We Are Leaving Chongqing

We arrived at this building on September 3. We have made many memories, collected terrific experiences, and gained an appreciation for a different culture. On December 7, it was time to take our last photo and head to the airport. Good friends wave goodbye as the car drove away. 

Another interesting bridge in Chongqing. 

Stairs of Doom

The stairs of doom - the 120 steps at the top of the hill before we reached our apartment building, where we climbed another 40 steps.  Since almost everything happened below these stairs, many days we climbed more than 1,000 stairs.  This picture is taken as we climb the stairs for the last time. Now we need to find another form of natural daily exercise to keep the calves in shape.

Good Friends

Lukas and Noah made good friends in Chongqing. Weekly, they would disappear off campus with friends for lunch or dinner. Almost daily, they participated in pick-up games at the gym or on the wet outside courts. At the core of the group were two American guys living upstairs - very convenient on game night, or when we needed to borrow something, or it was time for a break. What a blessing to have good friends only forty steps away. Thanks to technology, these friends can keep in touch, and we hope to cross path with them soon.


What do you do when your school work is complete, the laundry done, the bags packed, and the apartment cleaned? Surf the net for one last time at slow speed.