Thursday, October 5, 2017

Taste Test

Someone told us that Mama Burgers was better than Five Guys. This was a claim we felt must be verified so on Sunday evening we tried out this local hamburger place. The consensus was that Mama Burger’s menu was more diverse and that the sweet potato fries were tasty.  However, the burgers at Five Guys are better.

We did not taste the shakes, so we will have to come back another time and Five Guys has nothing on the view....

Another Design Idea

Here is another one of Noah’s designs – this one created out of Lego and probably not quite as useful as the iPhone stand. It is a spinner for the Fidget Spinner! Not sure there is a market for this one. 

iPhone Stand

Noah designed a handy stand for his iPhone. He created it in a CAD program and then sent it off to the University’s 3D printing facility. Bob kindly picked it up on his way home. Maybe there is a business opportunity in this…

Fall Colors Exploration

Fall is here! This means that the deciduous trees are changing. On Sunday afternoon, we headed out to see fall colors. We were only a scant 15 miles north of town, and as we looked out north, we could see the north rim of the Grand Canyon! The aspen trees had begun to shift from bright green to warm yellow, although I suspect another week would provide an even more colorful canvas.

We had not planned to do a hike, and it was getting late, so we only explored the lower part of the path up the mountain.  Our bodies have adjusted to our new environment and handled this 8,000+ altitude without any problem. I guess we are ready to hike Humphrey’s Peak soon.

North Rim in the background

we stopped every few feet to take pictures


Lukas participated in his first Challenge II debate on Friday. He was on the affirmative side, resolving that the State of New York should Ban Homeschooling. Needless to say, he had to do a lot of research to find credible sources that would affirm this position. It led to interesting conversations about worldview and how it impacts what we read and how statistics are frequently presented in a way to make a case more compelling even when the facts do not back up the assertion.

He and his teammates scored the win for the debate, and as his Mama, I am glad it was not for real. We are still a pro-homeschooling family and grateful for the freedoms we have to choose an educational path that fits our family.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sunday Dinner

Last Sunday, we headed out of town for dinner. Not to a restaurant but a nearby lake. The picnic basket held sandwiches, cheese, wine for Mama, and cider for the rest.
Lukas flew his airplane one time before he deemed the risk of losing it in the water too high. The boys played frisbee. When the frisbee landed in the water, Noah hiked up his shorts and waded out.

We enjoyed watching the sunset over the lake before we headed back home to work, chores, and daily life. A real respite and refresher before the week began.

Trying to take a selfie 

Saturday Morning Hike

After a busy week, we headed out for a refreshing hike on Saturday morning. To beat the rush, we left the house a little after the sun rose. The trailhead is located north of Sedona, and the sunrise lit the rocks most magnificently. Because we started out so early, we had most of the trail to ourselves on the way out. The path winds along a creek that meanders through the mountains. Fortunately, it is fall, so the water level is low, and the water temperature moderate as the hike has 13 cross-overs.

The initial path to the hike was littered with wild apple trees. On our way back, Noah fashioned a hook to grab apples right off the trees. These tasted amazing.

After about two and a half hour of hiking, the boys had to try out the water in earnest, and took off their hiking boots and waded in. Only the need to get back to Flagstaff stopped them from trying to dam up the trickle of water.

On our way back, we encountered lots of people, and we also noticed the difference in color – the sun beaming straight down certainly shifted the color spectrum, and we were happy to have had the morning glow view.

The hiking guide was indeed correct about arriving early. The parking lot was full, and the line of waiting cars extended at least ¼ of a mile, and many added several miles to the hike by parking further down the road and walking to the trailhead. Us leaving made someone very happy.

It is not for nothing, this canyon is called a mini Grand Canyon. I could have filled pages upon pages with photos of rock formations in various colors. Truly a beautiful hike and a fantastic way to spend a Saturday morning. 

 The green arrow is pointing at a red helicopter - these mountains are enormous