Sunday, January 14, 2018


The boys and Bob headed out for a three-day camping/hiking trip with the Boys Scouts. Since they had to hike in with all their gear, they spent a lot of time weighing everything that needed to go into the pack. In addition to camping gear, they needed to carry all their water and food, leaving very little weight for clothes :-)

World's Best Dad

Finally, Snow!

We finally got some significant snowfall - 4 inches in town and 14 on the mountain. The boys wanted to head back up to Snowbowl for one more day of skiing. However, we do need to get some school done, so we stayed home. The exercise for the day was shoveling our sidewalk and driveway. We could not see 'our' mountain for all the clouds, a little later in the day, the clouds lifted but not enough to reveal the peak.

Ski Lessons

Lukas and Noah wanted to take a ski lesson, so we headed back to Snowbowl for some afternoon skiing. While the boys were taking lessons, I had a chance to ski. It was the first time I in many years, so I did not venture out on the Black Diamond slopes but stayed on the blue ones. When I picked up the boys, they wanted to continue to ski! Next week, one more lesson, more confidence, and more technique.

Monday, January 8, 2018


We headed out to Snowbowl for the first run of the season. Noah has already had his first run, but Lukas and Mama had yet to try out the new gear. We slowly inched our way down the green trail, and as we neared the bottom, Lukas was getting the hang of it. To get a good foundation, it is now time for ski lessons.

Finally, snow!

We woke up Sunday morning to a tiny bit of frost on the car windows. As we looked out over 'our' mountain, we were pleasantly surprised to see a dusting of snow - the first this year and almost the first of the season. It is time to put on the boots and go skiing!


The boys are heading to Superstition Mountain for a Boys Scout Hiking trip this upcoming weekend. In preparation, and to test out the gear, we headed out for a short hike. The weather was fantastic, a balmy 50 degrees. Now they will apply the lessons learned in anticipation of the trip. A Scout is always prepared, and they are!

It Must Be Time

We hold to the Swedish tradition of keeping the house decorated until the entire Christmas season is over. Some say it is Ephihany, whereas my mother says "Tjugonde Knut." Well, after finding this, it seemed it was high time to pack it all up. Everyone pitched in, and the boxes were quickly packed and carefully stored in the garage in expectation of Christmas 2018.