Saturday, April 7, 2018

Why Use a Knife?

Noah found yet another way to slice up the apples. He used skinny string to pull through to create slices for himself. The photographer could
not resist grabbing a few.

Bike Ride

The very same week that we snow skied nearby, we were able to go biking! The guys all tried out a dirt bike course we found, while I watched from a comfortable bench. A fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


We had a leisurely Easter celebration - attending church on Friday and Sunday - pondering all that happened on that Friday so long ago and being grateful that it did not end there, but that Sunday came and He rose again.  We enjoyed ourselves so much, we plumb forgot to pull out the camera to capture the Easter dinner moment.

Egg Decorating

Late on Saturday evening, we realized that we did not have an egg coloring kit. Bob kindly headed to Walmart to pick up one of the few left in the store. The boys colored a dozen eggs for our Easter dinner. Tradition saved!

This is Not a Toy

One of the birthday gifts was a very sharp, Japanese knife. Noah immediately set out to try its sharpness on apples, tossing some up in the air and letting them land on the knife. Although not intended to be a toy, it turned it to quite the entertainment for all of us.

Birthday Celebration

I was thoroughly celebrated on my birthday. Flowers and chocolate covered strawberries arrived by courier, the UPS man was busy bringing boxes to our door, and the boys toiled in secret to make customized gifts. I could not have been a better birthday,

and I am truly blessed.

Never too Old

I found Noah on the floor in his room creating something out of Lego. This is not a toy that one outgrows.