Saturday, September 16, 2017

Possible Part-time Job?

Bob administered his first test on Friday and is now faced with 90 tests to correct. Lukas volunteered to assist him, and the two of them are plugging along upstairs, comparing notes, sighing over students' silly mistakes, and exchanging amazement at what was not mastered.

Lukas will hopefully learn the importance of legible handwriting and the value of writing out each step. 

Airplane Making

Lukas has found the local Dollar Store and is back in the airplane-creating business. His most recent venture is a rather large airplane - something like a 6ft body. The only surface large enough for this work is his bed, so the mattress gets pushed to the side.

First Dinner

Our first dinner at our new dining room table! We are looking forward to creating many fun memories around this table with friends and family.

Last Box!

We have been living in and around boxes for a few months. It began in mid-May when we began to pack up our home in Sterling Heights, and it is ending here in Flagstaff as we empty out each box and find a new home for each item.
This past weekend, we unpacked the last box. It was great timing as this was also the week for large trash pickup, which meant all the boxes are not only empty but out of our home.

Setting Up the Dining Room

Bob and I spent a day in Phoenix looking for a dining room table and cabinets to hold our china and crystal. We walked in and out of dozens of stores, scored Craig's list with a fine tooth comb, and spent a scant hour at IKEA and came back home with the car fully loaded. The boys quickly assembled the new furniture, and by the end of the weekend, we had a functioning dining room.

Pizza Friday

We continue our Friday tradition - pizza and a movie. Lukas got creative and Noah's looks like the island of Malta.
Noah's pizza is superimposed on the map :-)


Bob spent a lot of energy, time, and resources exterminating moles in our yard when we lived in Monterey. To his dismay, he recently spotted telltale signs of this pest. Did these vermin follow us?
A trip to the local hardware store and a serendipitous interaction with an experienced mole-hunter and Bob is ready to tackle the uninvited visitor.  It is now a race to check the trap each day - so far nothing..... yet it does look like the mole has left, no new tunnels.