Saturday, August 22, 2015

More home economics credits

Home made pizza was on the menu for Friday evening, to go along with a movie. Lukas and Noah stretched, kneaded, rolled and stretched the pizza dough to form the perfect size and thickness. The pizza was topped with home made tomato sauce and of course the obligatory pepperonis and cheese - quite the success. These boys are turning into chefs, maybe Mama can delegate the dinner responsibilities


Math for fun

Bob and Noah got involved in a great and in depth math conversation, such that they did not even react when dinner was called. Once they finally heard the invitation, they quickly enjoyed their meal so that they could return to the intriguing discussions about mathematics. The big white board is coming in really handy.

Home economics

Noah is fulfilling his home economics requirement, making strips of french toast for himself and his brother for breakfast. Noah's presentation plate looked amazingly delicious.

Doing a good deed

Noah realized that his friends in Challenge A are about as wiggly as he is. Since he enjoys playing with something in his hands while listening, he thought his friends would as well. He enlisted Dad and Lukas and they set out to make squishy balls for all the Challenge A kiddoes. This will be their welcome back to seminar gift on Monday.

Back to School

There are many advantages of educating at home, yet one possible disadvantage is that school is never really over, there is always learning going on, so school is always in session. We do take a few breaks from outside activities so when these start up, we feel we are 'back to school' again.
On Monday, Lukas and Noah had their first day of Challenge Seminar. Lukas is in B and Noah is in A. No more elementary school for us, it is all junior high :-)


We planted a little garden this spring, not taking in consideration the many trips and out of town activities we had planned for the summer months. Back home from North Carolina, we were pleasantly surprised to find a large harvest of delicious tomatoes, maybe they like being ignored?

Since then, we have harvested  bowls full of small and large tomatoes, there is enough to make some tasty sauce to freeze for the winter even... 

Back to reality...

Back home, Mama had great plans to hunker down, get back on routine and get things 'done.' Noah started his school early.... with a bowl of strawberries... maybe not what Mama had in mind, but it sure works. Reading in bed or under the bed, "does it really matter where I am as long as I am reading good literature?"

The Wright Brothers Kitty Hawk

On our way home from our luxurious and relaxing vacation, we made a stop at Kitty Hawk to walk the path that Orville and Wilbur walked as they prepared for their first flight. It was a windy afternoon, making it easy to visualize the big contraption and the two brothers getting ready to fly.


I love to photograph the sunsets, and have had the privilege to capture the sun slowly descending into the Pacific Ocean on numerous occasions. Spending a relaxing week on the beach provided the perfect chance to take sun rise pictures, something I have not done before. It has just been too early.... With a cup of coffee in hand and my camera I walked the beach almost every morning, it was peaceful, it was quiet, and it was gorgeous. My soul was renewed and restored, I am refreshed and ready to hit the ground running for fall. Thank you, Barb!

A Trip Down Memory Lane

While in Kelly we visited with Barb's cousin and had a chance to see the amazing work she and her family has done to her family home. She shared stories about what happened in the different rooms, where people stayed when they visited and how the house was expanded to accommodate the growing family. Lukas was invited to play on the upright piano and the boys got a chance to drive 'little orange' around the acreage to get a better view of the land. The adults were mostly intrigued by the many portraits on the walls of relatives, this house was overflowing with history.

Practicing for a possible career?

We took the little ferry across the river and Noah got a chance to launch it. When it came time to dock, the captain thought is wiser if he was in charge.

Some sightseeing

On our drive throughout the country side of North Carolina we came across a Revolutionary War Battle Field. Bob and Lisa remember visiting as youngsters and it was now Lukas and Noah's turn.

The Farm

This was Lukas' and Noah's second visit to Wrightsville Beach. Last time, like this time, we had a chance to go to Kelly and visit the relatives who still reside in this quaint corner of North Carolina. Eleven years ago, Noah and Lukas sat in 'Uncle Henry's' lap while driving the back hoe and digging large holes in the ground. This time, the back hoe sat idle in the garage as Uncle Henry has passed away. Noah could not remember the back hoe, but Lukas did. Noah climbed back up into the back hoe, but we did not drive it out nor did we dig a hole that we would then fill up again. Some things are best to be kept as a memory.


The beach vacation afforded us the great opportunity to spend time with family, and we were also able to get reacquainted with cousins of Barb who all live in on the East Coast.

Drinks on the deck

The view from the deck could not be beat. Even when the rain poured down, and the thunder crashed, we had a front view seat to nature's performance.

More vacation fun

The vacation got even better as more cousins arrived and there were ample opportunities to play Settlers of Catan, Uno and doing puzzles after delicious dinners. Not sure who kept score.... was there a Settlers of Catan champion crowned?