Tuesday, August 16, 2016

First Person View

The boys are happy to be back home and having some time to explore, tinker, create, and invent. On Sunday afternoon, we took a walk in the park. Mama enjoyed the lovely and unusually intense rainbow and the seemingly heart shaped tree. The boys enjoyed their flying machines. Lukas brought his first person view goggles with him and flew his quadcopter based on voice commands from Noah and his first person view. It is so nice to be back together, spending leisurely Sunday afternoons together.

Pick Your Nose

We had the perfect occasion to use our recently received cups - our speech camp. We hosted ten students who practiced under "the best of the best in the business" Mrs. Win Heggem. A little levity helped relieve the pressure after a jammed pack morning session.

Thank you, Grammy, for sending us laughter in a cup!


Lukas, despite being worn out and sleep-deprived from a week at camp, could not resist the temptation to go out and fly his homemade quadcopter.  This has been a work in progress for some time and it is finally ready. Maybe all those late nights trying to fall asleep in a tent proved profitable, lots of time to ponder and think.

Garden Update

While Noah was away, we tried to keep up with his garden watering and staking. He was excited to see what was happening. He came in with several treasures, and there are promises of much more to come in the next few weeks.

They are Home!

The boys, along with Bob, arrived back home a week later full of stories and tales. Bob had a chance to spend a few days at the camp and the three of them tried out rifle shooting. Mama is glad to have everyone back home and together again, even if it means more laundry, more cleaning, and more cooking.

First Day of School

Although when one homeschool, school is always in session, there are activities we participate in that take a break. Our CC Community has been enjoying some slower pace since early spring so it was high time to get started again.
Noah brought his breakfast with him in the car. It was far too early to get everything done before the car left.
This is the first year that Mama is not tutoring either of the boys, Lukas is in Challenge 1 and Noah is in Challenge B and Mama is tutoring Challenge A. We are knee deep in challenges this year, for sure!

And They are Off Again! Take Two

The boys enjoyed a week of leadership training for Boy Scouts. It was two young men that I picked up late on Friday evening, full of stories and new ideas.  We arrived back home well past midnight, unpacked more bags of dirty, filthy, and well-worn clothes before we all headed to bed for a short night of sleep.

The next day, the boys enjoyed a full day at the MakerFaire which was in town. Bob, two friends, and Lukas and Noah explored the latest in small robots, drones, 3D printers, and gaming.  Despite being tired, the boys mustered the energy to pack for yet one more scout camp, this time, the troop's summer camp.

Early Sunday morning, we once again waved goodbye to our young men, who are growing up a tad too fast for their Mama's taste.