Saturday, June 29, 2019


Although the trees block some of the view - the sunset last night was not to be missed.

Friday Tradition

Lukas and Noah have perfected pizza making. Noah's test is that the pizza does not bend. Lukas continues to perfect toppings combinations. Since the dining room table is now cleared off, we played a game after dinner. Noah won Spy Alley.

Final Backpack

Lukas has worked tirelessly for the last month, measuring, cutting, fusing, and sewing lightweight backpacks - one for himself, one for a friend, and one for his Dad. Yesterday, he completed the last one. He has now made 6 backpacks, one sleep quilt, one tarp, and one tent, as well as multiple gear bags and wallets. The sewing machine is getting a deserved rest as Lukas pursues other goals on his list for the summer. Well done!

Onion Rings

Reading cookbooks for fun can lead to almost anything. Lukas read his Science Lab cookbook and set out to make onion rings. One batch one night, and then since we already had the oil in the pan, why not one more time, and one more - until the oil was almost all gone. I think he has mastered the concept and Noah and Bob have the timing down. 

Spice Rack

Noah put his newly gained woodworking skills to work and constructed a customized spice rack for the kitchen. Now three rows of spices fit on the bottom shelf, and I can reach them all without a step stool or help from our tall sons.

Friday, June 28, 2019

A New Entrepreneur

We have one more entrepreneur in the family! Noah is beginning to upload his artwork to a website where people can order various products displaying his artwork.

Noah's Shop

Thursday, June 27, 2019


On Saturday, we hosted a fundraiser breakfast/brunch at our home. The entire family pitched in to bake, make, and cook. On the menu were waffles, oatmeal bake, egg dishes, cinnamon rolls, fruit salad, banana nut bread, along with coffee, tea, and homemade Aqua Fresca. Noah handled the centerpiece that most thought to pretty to eat, much to his chagrin.
The good news is that it meant more watermelon for him after clean up.

Fun in the Sun and Under the Lamp

Lukas is taking a break from his sewing projects to take apart a lock - just for the fun of it. He also dug out his old robot from the garage. Pulling together various components he had gathered in his treasure trove - aka bedroom - he got the robot up and running. 


Lukas sewed his own lightweight tent. He set it up in the side yard so that he could seal all the seams. Clearly, it is a tent intended for sleeping only.

Sewing Workshop

Lukas is taking advantage of the slower summer schedule to sew more hiking gear. Now that he has created prototypes in both scrap fabric and inexpensive ripstop, he has graduated to making backpacks for the hikes this summer.  Not only is his Dad getting one, a friend hiking the Arizona Trail ordered one, and of course, Lukas needed one in the upgraded fabric and design. The living room resembles a sewing workshop,  and it has been a while since we used our dining room table to eat on it.

He is learning many valuable skills in the process - measuring twice, pins are your friends, and when in doubt stop and think before acting.

After weeks of sewing, he is about to reach the end - the last backpack is getting its final touches. Everything will be done before we head out on our trip.

Monday, June 17, 2019

They are Heading South

All good comes to an end, even woodworking classes. As they drove home, they snapped lots of beautiful pictures. In the end, the pull of their own beds and maybe seeing the rest of the family was strong and they pushed through with a few long days. We are so glad they are back.

Multnomah Falls

Crater Lake

On the way back to Arizona, Bob and Noah stopped at Crater Lake. The snow banks were still over 10 ft tall limiting the camping opportunities. Fortunately, they were able to grab a site and enjoy the area.

Saturday, June 15, 2019


Tillamook is known for its cheese and icecream. Bob and Noah deemed the detour off the highway worthy of a stop for tasting.

Thursday, June 13, 2019


Bob and Noah take full advantage of the summer evenings and the later sunset to explore the area. It is also evident that I am not the only flower photographer in the family....