Sunday, March 20, 2016

Tiny computer

This is how Lukas likes to spend his Sunday afternoons, in the basement, in front of a screen, tinkering with his electronics.


Noah is devising his own low-cost system to grow vegetables hydroponically. The seeds are germinating in the spring sun, and the system that he put together from Home Depot part is ready to go. Mama is looking forward to a nice crop of lettuce.

We do have chairs..

This is what I observed in the kitchen last night....  Yes, we do have a tendency to clean out, and pair down, but we still have furniture in our house and there is a really comfortable couch just a few feet away....

Seven Eleven Special

On Friday, the boys had a great incentive to complete their work swiftly. If they were done, we would take a drive to the local Seven Eleven for the $1.50 special Slurpee.
Lukas settled for a large plastic cup, whereas Noah pulled the orange juice container out of the recycling bin and carefully cleaned it so that it would serve as a Slurpee container.  He was very proud of his rainbow Slurpee...

Challenge A

Noah and I spend our Mondays together with a group of inquisitive and funny students conversing about Latin, Math, Cartography, Science, English Literature and Rhetoric. There is discussing, drawing, sharing, and wrestling with new ideas - and although it is aptly named Challenge Noah is definitely rising to the occasion and embracing the work.  Ok, so not everything we do is serious, we laugh a lot as well.....

One more skill!

"The Ninja Taco" patrol patch arrived and Noah happily affixed it to his shirt. It took a few tries to make sure that the sleeve was not sewn shut, but now he knows it and can take over the task of adding patches to his shirt!


Lukas decided to make a few loaves of his famous bread and Noah wanted to make blueberry muffins so the kitchen was toasty warm and smelled heavenly.

Learning about Africa

Noah and his Challenge A classmates had the privilege of hearing about Africa from someone who has spent a significant amount of time on that continent. They were able to try on African shirt, see carvings and artifacts up close, and even 'pet' the top of a snake in addition to hearing first hand stories. A terrific learning experience.

Hello, it is March!

The calendar says March but the weather clearly missed the memo. Noah braved the cold to shovel our driveway and sidewalk.

Court of Honor

About every quarter the Scout Troop hosts a Court of Honor, handing out merit badges and recognizing those who have advanced in rank. This time, the event was combined with a potluck and the boys enjoyed the smorgasbord of delicious food and of course, the plethora of sweet treats.  Lukas and Noah are both patrol leaders and led their patrols in the customary silly skits.

it gets a bit long for even the most dedicated parent