Sunday, April 23, 2017

Car Maintenance?

Noah and Bob changed the windshield wiper blades in the church parking lot. No it was not raining, no the windshield wipers were not needed, and no there was no rain in sight. Yet, it needed to be done and why delay?

Weekend Fun

Lukas took advantage of the fact that most of his school work for the semester is complete and spent Saturday constructing a new airplane. "The glue needed to dry, so I had five minutes to eat dinner, Mom."

What is the Difference between a Pig and a Peccary?

As the afternoon lingered on, the conversation turned to peccaries and how are they the same or different than pigs. Noah's animal books came to the rescue in a much more satisfactory way than Google :-)

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter dinner celebration - Barb in town, and Bob home. The baskets were brimming with goodies which we enjoyed after a wonderful family dinner. It is good to celebrate with family!

trying to discern the Peep's flavor....

Following in His Parents Footsteps

Lukas is following in his parents' footsteps, found with a newspaper in hand on Sunday morning...

Coloring Eggs

Noah's cough, low grade fever, and sniffles did not make him a candidate for attending church on Easter. On a normal Sunday, maybe he could have sequestered himself in a corner, but on Easter Sunday, there is nary an inch of space as visitors join our church family for the joyous celebration of the resurrection of our Savior.

While Bob, Lukas, and Grammy were at church, Noah took on the task of coloring Easter eggs. He had fun experimenting with tye dye and marbleizing efffects and we had hands to prove we had done the work afterwards.

Bob is Back!

Bob headed to Korea for a business trip. We were so happy to welcome him home just in time for Easter.

Mock Trial

Noah and is classmates have spent the spring semester preparing for Mock Trial. On Friday, the team stepped into the courtroom in Pontiac, MI and in front of Judge Master presented their case, not once but twice. Ones as the prosecution team and ones as the defense team. They worked hard, they used their persuasive and rhetoric skills, and they even managed to impeach a witness twice! Well done, Challenge B, Troy!


Grammy brought a new puzzle. Noah who was not feeling too good, mustered up enough energy to do the puzzle. Lukas happily joined us at the table, although he rather spent his time trying to fix the broken oven thermometer.
Noah took a quick break to enjoy a cup of ramen noodles.

Special Visitor

In early April, we had a very special visitor- Grammy. She graciously accepted our invitation to celebrate Easter with us here in Detroit. This allowed her to also attend Noah's Mock Trial in addition to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior.

Barb not only helped wrap the Challenge A gifts but also proofread the text and caught several embarrassing typos.  The packages were gorgeous, although the kids might not have noticed, the parents commented on the lovely gift wrapping - thanks Barb!

Birthday Celebration

A birthday celebration is a fabulous way to spruce up an ordinary Tuesday. To keep me out of the kitchen, we had take-out from our neighborhood sushi restaurant. The platter was full of delicious bites which we enjoyed alongside a bottle of champagne and sparkling juice for the boys. Rather than cake, we splurged on Ben & Jerry's ice cream in several tasty flavors. The boys enjoyed seconds while gifts and cards were opened. A fantastic end to a great day filled with unannounced visitors bringing treats and gifts.