Monday, June 16, 2014

Neat and tidy

The recital marked the end of the spring semester of the SILL Academy. Lukas was happy to have more free time on his hands and headed to the garage. A few hours later, he emerged with a nice shelving unit that he had designed and made for his new ham radio equipment. "It needs to be neat and tidy, Mamma" he explained as he filled up the shelves and set out to talk to the world.


Lukas and Noah are fortunate to have a fantastic music teacher and this Mamma is happy that she is willing and able to teach both violin and piano. On Friday evening, the boys were participating in the Spring Recital, each performing two pieces that they had committed to memory. It was a wonderful evening filled with beautiful music and talented children.

Lunch company

The boys were so quiet as they eat their lunch... no wonder,, there heads are buried in books. A sweet sight for this Mamma.

It is hot

Summer finally arrived - it got hot. Lukas and Noah sought shelter in the shade after running around with some new-found friends in a park. Them wearing the same kind of shirt brought back memories of when they were little bitty and they were dressed alike for simplicity. If one was wandering off, I had only to point to other one and say, "he looks like this." As there were many people in the park, on this what seemed to be the first day of summer, it was still a helpful trick, I could easily spot them in a crowd, not that many people wear lime green :-)

Scout requirement

As part of the rank advancement requirements for scouts, Noah had to participate in a physical fitness test. Thirty days ago, he ran, did push ups, sit ups and standing long jump and it was now time to show the improvements that he made. Well... improvements come with practice and we had simply forgotten to hone some of these skills. Fortunately, Noah did well and passed the 'test,' under the watchful eye of his patrol leader, aka his brother Lukas.

Chef Lukas

There is a new appliance in the house! Lukas quickly volunteered to be the first to use the new grill. He offered to handle Sunday dinner and cooked up a batch of his famous turkey and pineapple burgers for us. A fantastic meal, tasty and Mamma did not have to cook it. :-)

Monday, June 9, 2014

15 Fantastic years

This week Bob and I celebrated 15 years of marriage, and headed out to dinner at a fabulous Italian restaurant. I pulled out the dress that I wore on our first date, and we reminiscent about all that God has done in our lives since that sunny afternoon 15 years ago.

Yard work and work in the yard

Noah took on the challenge to remove all the many little shots from the unsightly tree that had propped up in the yard. Lukas spent his time taking an old TV antenna apart so that he can retro fit it to be a ham radio antenna.

Pizza Chefs

Noah and Lukas made home made pizza for dinner - one calzone and one loaded pepperoni...

Jimmy Carter Center

On our way back to the airport, we stopped at the Jimmy Carter Center. Noah was fascinated by the painting of Jimmy Carter that was made up of so many American landmarks and icons. Lukas learned about the many humanitarian projects that the Jimmy Carter center is involved in. Noah attempted to capture a unique screen, given as a gift to President Carter. The frame appears almost empty, as if there is simply a wafer thin layer of silk threads, but the threads are woven to bring out the white kitten mesmerized by the little cricket.

A trip down Memory lane

Barb offered us the personalized tour of Agnes Scott in the early morning hours, before the humidity would get the best of everyone. We marveled at the scents of the magnolias and enjoyed the many and vivid stories Barb shared as we walked around the campus. What a fun walk down memory lane.

Memorial Day Weekend fitting memorial

Memorial Day weekend brought us to Atlanta for a fitting memorial for Tom, a special Dad, a fantastic Pappy and father-in-law extraordinaire.  In memory of Tom, we toured the local Krispy Kreme factory and walked out with both hats and donuts. This hearty breakfast was followed by a walk around Georgia Tech University campus. Noah found the tiny mail slots quite fascinating and we were all wondering which one was Tom's back then. Although we tried to crop out the many empty red cups outside the fraternity house, there are still some visible evidence of last night's activities, and not a person in sight to offer a peak inside. They were probably all still asleep.  A campus visit would not be complete without a stop in the book store, but on the way there we stopped at the Varsity for fries and burgers. We sat in a booth almost directly opposite from the we occupied many years ago with Tom and Barb. The boys left the bookstore with fancy new Georgia Tech shirts in honor of their Pappy.  It was a day full of wonderful memories - realizing that we were walking places where Tom had walked as a young man.

Where is spring?

Lukas one early morning, apparently there were no pressing ham radio chores to motivate him to get up and go, so he snuggled up in a warm blanket on the fire place hearth. It was still a bit chilly outside....

Rabbit free garden

We have a small garden bed in the back yard that looks to be perfect for a few vegetables, if it was not for the cute little Peter Rabbits that inhabit the area. Noah and Bob worked hard on Saturday to secure our little 'vegetable plot' by installing rabbit fence. Now, what will be my excuse when nothing grows?????

Fun toy

Noah took advantage of the garage being organized and set out to make a fun toy. He drilled a hole in an old tennis ball, drilled a hole in a piece of wood, tied a rope to the wood and pushed it through the hole in the tennis ball.  He had fun drilling both the wood and the tennis ball, realizing it was not that easy to drill a hole in a ball.