Monday, June 9, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend fitting memorial

Memorial Day weekend brought us to Atlanta for a fitting memorial for Tom, a special Dad, a fantastic Pappy and father-in-law extraordinaire.  In memory of Tom, we toured the local Krispy Kreme factory and walked out with both hats and donuts. This hearty breakfast was followed by a walk around Georgia Tech University campus. Noah found the tiny mail slots quite fascinating and we were all wondering which one was Tom's back then. Although we tried to crop out the many empty red cups outside the fraternity house, there are still some visible evidence of last night's activities, and not a person in sight to offer a peak inside. They were probably all still asleep.  A campus visit would not be complete without a stop in the book store, but on the way there we stopped at the Varsity for fries and burgers. We sat in a booth almost directly opposite from the we occupied many years ago with Tom and Barb. The boys left the bookstore with fancy new Georgia Tech shirts in honor of their Pappy.  It was a day full of wonderful memories - realizing that we were walking places where Tom had walked as a young man.

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