Thursday, October 20, 2016

Severinghaus Court of Honor

Lukas could not attend the Court of Honor as he had Driver's Ed. He was awarded several merit badges and awards, so when he came home from driving, we held a brief ceremony in the kitchen and celebrated with ice cream.

Noah is Life Scout

On Monday evening, Noah accepted his rank advancement to Life at the quarterly Boy Scouts Court of Honor. He also received several merit badges and two awards for activities he has completed.  He is already talking about his Eagle Scout project...

Skits are always part of the Court of Honor and Noah found one the audience had not heard before. 

He Got His Pink Slip

Lukas has received his pink slip, no he was not fired, he was given the permission to drive a car. He has driven with an instructor a few times and is now allowed to drive with a parent. His first trip was to the recycling center around the corner. He is a pretty responsible driver although Mama was catching herself breaking and not finding a pedal....
With or without shades? 

October Harvest

Noah's garden is still bringing forth a plentiful harvest. This winter our pizza sauce will be yellow and not red courtesy of our small, tasty, and plentiful yellow tomatoes.

Look What I Found!

Noah purchased a fuzzy, warm hat at the thrift store back in May. This morning, he found it and could not help but put it on. It certainly completes his outfit of sports shorts, fleece, and fury slippers.

Apple tasting

It is apple season and we had to try out a few new types to see if we could unearth a new favorite.

We will stick with Fuji, and buy Honey Crisp when on sale, the other premium apples were deemed not worth the extra cost. I am grateful for our frugal family :-)

Birthday Celebration - He is 15!

Back home in Detroit, we celebrated Lukas birthday with apple pie and gifts. While Lukas was at driver's ed classes, we quickly decorated the house and piled up the gifts.  He thoroughly enjoyed his birthday cards, the many brown boxes, and generous gift cards allowing him to purchase what he needs for his next robotics project.

Final stop

Before heading to the airport we stopped at an ice cream store for one final tasty treat. The perfect ending to a fabulous weekend.

Ivy League

The rainy weather blew away, and we woke up to blue sky and sunshine, perfect for our walking tour of Harvard and MIT.

Smoot must have been a rather short guy....


We woke up to rain on Sunday morning, which made it an easy decision to make this our museum day. Our first stop was the MIT museum where we spent several hours exploring and learning.  The rain kept falling so we ducked into a sandwich shop for lunch to go and hopped back on the bus to the Boston Art Museum. After a few hours of wandering and marveling,greatful for good rain gear.

we were ready to head back to the hotel and take a dip in the hot tub before dinner out. The rain made it a bit cooler and we were all