Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Like a Dog?

Noah's remedy for a warm car....

God - The Artist

Memorial Day sky - no artist could ever capture the immense beauty of the Master Artist. These views were far more amazing in person.


Lukas and Noah found a few leftover sparklers and since it was Memorial Day, it was legal to use fireworks. However, just lighting them would not suffice, but rather there needed to be a bit of retrofitting. These boys have such imagination!

Memorial Day Parade

Lukas and Noah's Boy Scout troop participates in the Sterling Heights Memorial Day Parade and this year was no exception. It is moving to see the veterans walking or riding and it is a good reminder of the reason for this holiday. We are grateful that Bob is with us and think of those of our friends whose lives were drastically changed by their loved ones sacrifice for our country. May we never forget that freedom is not free.

Late Night Flight

Summer is here and the days are longer and the evenings lighter. The boys brought their airplanes to the park for a light night flight. ↖

The little speck in the middle is the plane


We enjoyed a game of Monopoly over the weekend. It was a pretty fast game as all of us landed on Lukas' Park Place where he happily had built four houses. Bob regretted not purchasing Boardwalk when he had the chance. Hopefully, our real house transaction is more fruitful than the ones in the game.

No Need to Buy Bagels

Part of the Sunday tradition for our family is picking up bagels to enjoy with the newspaper. This past week, Lukas decided to make bagels. The first batch did not even last long enough for someone to snap a photo. A few days later, it was time for another batch. Lukas experimented with rainbow colored bagels to share with friends. No more wondering if there will be any salt bagels when we get to the store :-) and budget friendly as well!


Noah completed one more puzzle and Mama learned a lot about WWII airplanes.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Eagle Scout Day 2

Noah's second Eagle Scout project day coincided with a church clean up day. Did he spur them? Once again, the weather cooperated, little wind, not too hot, and no rain. The crowd descended on the playground to pull up all the weeds that had crept up. It was then time to gather up the usable mulch, lay down new weed barrier cloth and re-mulch. The before and after pictures says it all.

Eagle Scout Project Day 1

Since Noah's project was outside, he added a few alternate dates to this schedule in case of rain. On his first scheduled work day, the weather cooperated and the play structure along with a few scouts received a nice coat of varnish.

Eagle Scout Project Day 1/2

Noah's first day of Eagle Scout project fell right after Lukas'. He has planned, arranged, coordinated, and organized to clean up the playground at our church. However, before he gathered the volunteers, there was a task to complete, power wash the play structure.


Sunday afternoon, nothing on the agenda apart from spending time together, the sun was shining, the wind was absent, so we headed to the park. The boys donned their flying gear while Bob and I walked around the park and talked about the summer plans. An all together

 lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon.


After several years of training, I have finally completed my certification as a Certified Christian Conciliator. Bob surprised me with lovely flowers to celebrate the occasion.

Iris Blooms

The garden is filled with gorgeous blue irises. It looks like summer is here, although it is hard to believe when I check the weather - 50 and rain... Yet, these flowers stand out as a bright spot on a gray day.

Eagle Scout Project Mop Up Day

After two full evenings, it was time to tie up lose ends. Lukas and Noah spent the morning finishing the last tasks. The project is now complete. Well done, Lukas! Now on to the paperwork :-)

Eagle Scout Project Day 2

After a full evening of activities, it was time to return for a second evening of work. This time, Lukas recruited not only scouts from his own troop but also his good friends and fellow scouts from another patrol to join in the fun.