Sunday, February 19, 2017

Every Last Bit

The smoothie was too good to waste even one drop.....

Summer Weather?

This weekend, Michigan showed off its best side. A blue sky, sunshine, and 65-degree temperature. The boys were quick to charge every airplane battery in the house so that they could spend time in the park flying. It has been weeks since the weather has cooperated for them to fly.

Can You Fix It? Yes, I Can

Our trusted crock-pot malfunctioned last week. It has served us well for many years and cooked many meals. Although Mama was resigned to buy a new one, Lukas though otherwise. He took it apart, labeled all the parts, collected all the nuts and bolts, and even cleaned the entire inside. How does residue end up in all these little nooks and crannies?  He is confident he can replace the broken part so that the crock-pot so that once again it can cook up meals while we are out and about doing other things.
So grateful for this handy young man!

Mints for Valentines

Noah took a break from school work to make a batch of mints using a recipe he got from his aunt Lisa. Even though it was Valentine, he could not phantom making anything red/pink and opted for spring green instead. The treats were tasty and quickly disappeared many long before the required 'drying' time.

Favorite Activity and Favorite Hang-Out

Bob, Lukas, and Noah spend a lot of time in the basement. It is where they do computer programming and where Bob hosts the Java class for the boys along with a few of their friends. Since the basement is chilly, they are generally bundled up, but not even the low temperatures can lure them away from the excitement of writing code.

Getting Ready

Lukas and Noah are spending the last week of February in Lansing, Michigan's capital. They are participating in a civics program called TeenPact. The goal of the organization is to raise up a generation of young leaders who understand the political process and value the foundations upon which this country was founded.

The boys will be meeting with people who work at the capitol, debate the passing of a bill in a mock legislature, analyze legislation, and even explore the political election process through a mock election. Since there is a dress code and there were no clothes in their closet that would fit the dress code we headed to our favorite thrift store.

An hour later, both boys were equipped for their week in Lansing.

Mama had a chance to watch a lot of Amazon Prime Videos while ironing :-)

Breakfast treats

Noah and Lukas experimented with french toast in a jar to help use up bread left over from a campout. The results were mixed and both agreed that it would be beneficial to make these the night before to allow for the milk to really soak in.