Saturday, May 16, 2015


Bob, Lukas and Noah have all decided to take a HAM radio test when they are attending the Hamvention in Dayton this weekend. There was much studying, explaining, calculating, practicing, reviewing and memorizing,  and all three put a lot of effort. Will it pay off? Only Saturday will tell!

Sunset photographer

We had a gorgeous sunset the other evening, and Bob and I both went outside to capture it.

Monday, May 11, 2015

After dinner walk

Lukas happily cleaned up the kitchen after preparing a lovely meal for Mother's Day. We then headed out for a leisurely walk to enjoy the cool evening breeze.


There was good flying weather, despite some sprinkles so the boys set out to the park. Noah was ready for sure!

Family pictures

I needed an updated family picture for my Power Point presentation, so we stopped at the park after church. In our finest we climbed up on the bleachers and hit the self-timer release on the camera.
While Noah and I took some photos, Bob and Lukas were deep in conversation about something... possibly Ham radio equations, robotics programming or what to make for dinner?  Not sure...

Our 12 year old

It was Mother's Day so Noah could not bear to say no to his Mama's request for some 12-year-old photos. Our fine young man is growing up!

Breakfast for Champions

Noah carefully topped his Swedish pancake before rolling it up.  Lukas who is rather adventurous in his food choices tried a new combination - cornbread and Nutella - not sure what the final verdict was, but there was none left on the plate.

Bag boy

Noah and Lukas needed new bags for summer camp, big ones that could accommodate all the gear for a week, and also were easy to carry and light-weight. The solution was quickly found on the internet and a few days later the bags arrived. Noah could not help but demonstrate how big his bag was by crawling in the bag, and had he had his way we would zipped him in. It sure looks like it will be big enough for his scout gear.

Yard work

With sunshine and warmer weather comes yard work. We spent part of Saturday cleaning, weeding, mowing, cutting and even planting.  Now the yard looks nice and tidy, and the flowers add a bit of color. Our friendly next door neighbor told us that we are not out of the woods for frost yet, so it was too early to plant our veggies, well... it is now too late, so we are praying for no more frost.

Monday, May 4, 2015

The sun is out, it is warm

We headed out for the first of this year's yard work on Sunday afternoon. The lawn mower started right up, the edger worked its magic and with little spades and pickers we weeded and aerated the soil in our small garden.  Next up, a trip to the big garden store for flowers, vegetables and bags of mulch.

Boy Scout Camp

The boys spent the weekend at Boy Scout Camp shooting off rockets, some homemade and some store bought.

As they left while we still had guests in the house on Friday evening and arrived home while I was at church on Sunday morning, there are no photos in Mama's camera. Maybe there are some on other devices that can be uploaded...

Taking my wing and going flying...

The boys were encouraged by the pink panther experience, ie the big pink plane that did fly. However, they quickly realized that the plane had some serious flaws and headed back to the drawing board and the Dollar Store. After a day of measuring, cutting, gluing and taping - we interrupt this blog post for an insider trading tip: Scotch Tape Company is experiencing a huge upswing in sales, notably in southeast Michigan, investors are befuddled, yet the stock keeps climbing. I wonder how long it they boys will remain anonymous in their purchasing power....

The weather cooperated and the boys headed outside to try out yet another homemade RC airplane. They came back with good reports, yet headed back downstairs to refine and revise... the life of an inventor, experimenter, and discoverer.

The only drawback to this pursuit is the requirement to get dressed, Mama will not let the boys out of the house in pjs, no matter how seemingly common it appears to be. These boys do not need to be slaves to inappropriate fashion. Fortunately, they have enough decorum to agree.

Breakfast for champions?

It has become a tradition in our house to have cake for breakfast the day after a birthday celebration. Usually, the cake is far too big to consume on the birthday, so by eating up the leftovers the boys are being helpful :-) because a cake platter takes up much refrigerator space after all, and refrigerator space is limited.