Saturday, February 27, 2016

Wafels a la New York

The boys often speak about the yummy waffles they ate at Wafels and Dinges in New York City. When a recipe popped up that seemed reasonable in the effort, we could not resist. Lukas took charge and today lunch at the Severinghaus cafe was Wafels and Speculoos.

Happy couple

Happy Birthday, Bob

We celebrated Bob's birthday this week. Bob wished for Lebanese food so off we went to one of the many local Lebanese restaurants in the area. Back home, we continued the celebration.

Noah serenaded him with music, and then Bob decided to join in the fun.  Mama tried to decorate the cheesecake but was unceremoniously demoted by Noah who took charge and made it look nice.

Lukas lit the candles, we all sang, Noah played and Bob tried hard to blow out his candles  - one for each decade.

The best gift? A beautifully wrapped strawberry complete with a bow in a large box. Noah strikes again!

Sometimes there is not enough space inside the card and the message has to continue on the envelope

Funny eyes

Noah keeps us laughing!

Better late than never

We 'missed' Fat Tuesday but could not resist the once a year semla indulgance....

Noah takes his work seriously

Noah is working hard to memorize all 50+ countries and capitals in Africa. He created flash cards that he is flipping, drilling, and saying. He is drawing his map daily and his hard work is paying off.

There is a Rita's Water Ice around the corner!

As we drove from the airport to the hotel, we spotted a Rita's Water Ice not far from our hotel. By the end of our visit, they recognized our faces - does that mean we were there too many times?


Lukas had a craving for good Swedish knackebrod and since there was none left from our most recent trip to Sweden, he set out to bake some. He used his Swedish bread cockbook and a few hours later this is what it looked like in our pantry! He celebrated by eating an entire round cake with 'shrimp in a tub cheese' and ham.


The sunsets were spectacular.

Pool time

The hotel pool was heated! What a treat to dive into warm water and enjoy some splashing, even when the sun has set.

Getting wet

The boys could not resist the ocean, and compare to their years living in California, this Gulf was not too bad. Yet, it took until the last day for all three to try - and Mama, no she opted to take the pictures and letting the sunrays bathe her.

Sand Castles

Building sand castles and tunnels never gets old.