Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Getting Ready

Lukas participated in his second round of debates this past week. He spent countless hours scouring the internet for appropriate articles, verifying sources, checking facts, and establishing his case. The final detail was putting all the supporting documents into a binder for quick access during the actual debate. Despite having a bad cold and a head ache he and his partner did a fantastic job.

Stuffed Tomatoes

Noah put the little balls of fresh mozzarella inside the sweet cocktail tomatoes for a one-bite tasty treats.

Noah much preferred the one-bite treat over the plated version!

No power

An unusual storm left us without power for several days. Lukas had just built a battery operated lamp in preparation for a weekend camp out. This lamp and our supply of fire wood came in handy as we functioned without electricity for almost 50 hours. We realized how much we depend on it and are grateful for Panera's where one can sip hot coffee, recharge computers, and use the free wifi all day.


On Sunday, we attended a Shakespeare play in Detroit. A small theater company put on Henry V set in World War I ear. Afterwards, we headed to Greek town for dinner. As we stepped out of the car, it struck me that the Severinghaus men wore the 'standard issue' uniform. They do look very handsome in their uniforms.

Frank Lloyd Wright

We headed to Illinois for the weekend to celebrate the a friend's military retirement. Although a quick trip, we did stop to see the local Frank Lloyd Wright houses. It was too early in the morning for a tour and we had a long way to go. We walked the grounds and snapped a few photos before climbing back in the car for the 400 miles trip back home.

Latin Exam Reward

The boys participated in the National Latin Exam this month. It is one way to gain standardized test taking practice and of course one way to assess Latin progress. After the test, a group of us headed to a new Indian Street Food restaurant. Noah was happy with his choice out of the 100+ on the board! As a matter of fact, we all were supremely content with our selections, but I only managed to get a photo of Noah's.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017


On Saturday evening, Lukas and his fellow Challenge 1 and 2 classmates attended a formal dinner in their honor. The evening began with mingling and appetizers, followed by a four course sit down mean served by the Challenge A and B students, and ended with party favors and laughter before they all headed back home. Thanks to many parents assistance this our first Troy CC Protocol dinner was a resounding success. Some of the parents were already talking about next year's event...

Prepare the Meat

On Saturday, the Challenge 1 and 2 students attended their formal dinner event. In preparation for the meal, Lukas helped Mama prepare the beef tenderloin. He quickly and skillfully tied it before it was set to dry out in the fridge.

Blue Apron

We finally fell for the advertisement and signed up for a Blue Apron box. The boys immediately took over and each one had a chance to put his culinary skills to the test. The verdict, tasty, fun, good new recipes, yet too costly for a habit.


Lukas and Noah participated in the Michigan Chapter of TeenPact last week. They spent four days working inside the capitol in Lansing, listening to politicians, lobbyists, and special interest group leaders; writing, presenting, and defending bills; and mock elections. The prescribed attire was suit and tie and the boys thrift store finds served them well. Both boys are now quiet apt at tying ties and were even able to help others with the neck wear.

Noah rode to Lansing in jeans and hoodie

First day, a bit tired after an early wake up call, long car ride, and an intense day at the Capitol

"Let's take a CC Troy picture" and lo and behold someone else decides to join in :-)

On the way back home, he rode in a suit - transformation!

Eagle Scout Fundraiser

Lukas is working hard on his Eagle Scout project - upgrade audio equipment in the youth room at church. To fund his project, he hosted a plated Pancake breakfast last weekend. With shopping list in hand, which included price estimations, he spent a few hours on Friday securing his supplies. Early Saturday morning, the car was loaded and we headed to church. Lukas skillfully managed the scouts and parents who came to assist in the fundraiser. He delegated pancake production to Bob, and cooking eggs to Noah. The event was a success and he exceeded his goal and people left satiated and ready to tackle their Saturday to-do list.

Count down to show time

It is over and I raise the money!

Happy Birthday, Bob

Although life is a bit busy right now, we carved out a moment to celebrate Bob's birthday. We enjoyed leftovers before digging in to the large white chocolate cheesecake and gifts on the couch.