Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First harvest

Noah harvested his first green beans on Sunday, which we enjoyed with hummus as an appetizer, while the steaks were cooking on the grill. A great end to a great Sunday.

Sunday afternoon walk

The sun is shining, the sky is blue and there is a light breeze, the perfect condition for a walk in the park after church. We headed out to the shores of Lake Saint Clair. The trail hugs the shore line and we had ample opportunity to look at boats coming and going.
Lukas and Noah assisted on an Eagle Scout project, so we had to inspect the work!

They are back!

Our boys returned home, dirty, smelly and tired, yet still smiling, at least Lukas was :-) Noah mustered up his last bit of energy to run past the camera and straight into the shower. It is good to have the boys back home!

Gone fishing, not...

In preparation for some potential fishing at camp, Lukas and Noah practice casting lines in our yard. Unfortunately, they did not have time at camp to fish, too many other things to do. At least they were ready and prepared.

Off they go!

This summer marked another first for our family, boys away at camp. Lukas and Noah participated in Troop 149's Summer Camp at Camp Lakota, Defiance, OH. Bob drove the boys to the camp and spent a few days with them, recalling his own summer camp experiences.

A new delicacy?

Lukas thoroughly enjoyed his newly invented snack size lunch - turkey bacon and omelette in a hot dog bun.

What is keeping us busy?

Part of our summer is being occupied by Classical Conversation Parent Practicums. While Mamma is either a trainer, speaker or participant, Lukas and Noah tag along. Although they only attended camp once, they participated in the same camp as 'tween' helpers which meant they heard and learned while serving - a great two'fer.  Their skills in logic increased exponentially, and the dinner conversation is sprinkled with fallacy identifications forcing everyone to sharpen arguments and refining thinking. The beauty of educating at home is it never stops, it just takes on a different look.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Must use leftovers

Lukas and Noah were thrilled to learn that in Michigan it is legal to shot off fireworks on certain days of the year. They pooled their money and purchased a large bag of noisy smelling contraptions at one of the many temporary stores set up in time for the 4th.
Although they had plenty of time and lots of help shooting off fireworks with friends on the 4th, they found themselves with a pleasurable dilemma, left overs!
Based on their 4th experience with their firecrackers, they set out to refine and redesign, alter and enhance before heading to the local park for one last night of fireworks.
Bob and I were treated to yet another firework show put on by neighbors and all that was missing was the choreographed music and we would I have been sure we were in Disney.

My two favorite sons

While biking around the area, we stopped at a local play ground for some fun play time.

Must eradicate

We have encountered a new enemy and the enemy is trumpet vine. Apparently it has an enticingly beautiful flower, and the flower attracts hummingbirds, but the vine spreads and spreads. In less than a week, we had at least 30 off shots in our yard, and both Bob and I were told by our neighbor in no uncertain terms what he thinks of this vine that is migrating into his yard.
The boys loved the challenge and quickly fashioned an explosive solution using left over fireworks. Although a bit doubtful of the efficacy, the method may have proven effective, there are significantly fewer shots this week. And the boys had fun!

Happy Fourth of July

We continued the Severinghaus' tradition of home made peach ice cream for Fourth of July and the boys thought we needed to enhance the tradition by adding apple pie. Noah and Lukas set out to make the dessert and to ensure that we did not gain 10 lbs each from these delicacies we invited friends to come over and join us for fireworks and dessert.
The children had fun with their fireworks and the adults enjoyed the show put on by neighbors in all directions, it almost seemed like a professional show, without the lines, the crowds and the charge. We simply plopped down on the grass in our park right across from our house and marveled at the sights.

Where is Noah?

Ever since Noah was able to get around on his own, he has explored the most unusual spaces in our homes - cabinets, new refrigerators, boxes, and closets. He is still trying to see where he can hide :-)

Is robot working?

As much as the boys enjoyed their visit to Sweden, they were happy to be back home. The many hours on a planes, sitting in airports and riding in cars gave him ample time to ponder his next robotics steps. The bags were barely unpacked before robot was outside and ready for a bit of a trial, once again with less than desired results. This robot is teaching patience in way that Mamma could never...

Playground fun

Stockholm cannot hold a candle to all the fun that Larsboda offers, the boys were nevertheless able to find some enjoyment at the local play ground. Although this playground offered electronic components the boys found most joy in the merry go rounds and spin swing. Noah was even a bit upset that his favorite play ground piece had been removed to make way for fancy electrical play equipment. Basic can also be a lot of fun!

All good things come to an end

After fun filled, action packed two weeks it was once again time to pack up our bags and head back to civilization to board a plane to get back home. The boys took one last walk to the beach on the bay, and Noah showed me his most favorite viewing spot.