Saturday, April 30, 2011


There is a new waffle king in town. Up to this point, Dad has been THE KING of waffle making. Mamma has made several valiant attempts, but to no avail, the verdict has always been: "Dad's are better." This morning Lukas cracked the secret code and cooked up waffles for his brother...
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The day after...

Well, all good things come to an end, even Noah's birthday. Yet, it does not mean fun things are not happening. The new kite, a birthday gift from his uncle and aunt, had its inaugural flight on Carmel Beach on Friday morning as the sun shone, and the wind was creating gorgeous white caps on the cold Pacific Ocean. A great Friday morning!
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Birthday treats

Noah had a whole plan for how to spend his birthday: no school, Swedish pancakes, playing, more playing, Laser Maze with his family, MYO at the Wharf, KFC take out - extra crispy drumsticks, thank you very much - and cake at home. Since it was his birthday, he was granted all these wishes. We headed down town before dinner for some Laser Maze and all four of us got a chance to see how limber and fast we were in getting to the back of the room without tripping the laser. Noah finished less than 1 second from making it on the board, but was happy to leave as there was MYO in his future. Normally, we talk about portion control at MYO as it is self serve and there are over 60 different kinds of topping that quickly negates any of the benefits of eating yogurt, but since it was Noah's birthday he was allowed to get any size he wanted, and he wanted a Silas size MYO, ie large and with lots of toppings. In conversation with the cashier, we found out that MYO is free on your birthday! Lucky for us as Noah's bowl was LARGE and FULL. He even tried his teeth on a chocolate malt ball, making him look more like a chipmunk than a newly minted 8 year old. We then headed to KFC for take out and back home for movie and chicken, before it was time for cake.

The cake was a Swedish traditional birthday cake with Noah touches - chocolate layer cake, Nutella and whip cream between the layers along with almond caramel spread, and topped off with chocolate caramel and whip cream. Instead of wimpy birthday candles, we found a large Eiffel tower candle to light up in honor of Noah. (Mamma forgot to buy birthday candles...shhhh)  It was very chocolate-chocolatey he said the next morning as he had a second piece for breakfast.

Noah conceded at the end of the evening that it was a bit much.. food that is... but a great birthday!

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A New Bike

Being number 2 son means a lot of hand me downs, clothes, toys, books, beds, and even bikes. However, there comes a day when big brother is not ready to give up what he has, or he is not ready for new, and that is a golden opportunity for number 2 son. Noah's golden opportunity came just in time for his birthday. His bright green hand me down bike with no gears was a bit small, and Noah was so comfortable on this little bike that he began to do tricks to make biking a bit more challenging! Truly time for a new bike.
After a breakfast of Swedish pancakes and play with new toys, we headed out in the car under the guise of Mamma needing to shop at the Kohl's sale, and the car would need to be outfitted with the bike rack so that we could swiftly pick up Dad for the evening festivities. There were some murmurs about not wanting to go shopping on the birthday, but it died down pretty quick, maybe they were on to my trick? We pulled up outside the bike store to 'pick something up for Dad' only to walk in and walk out with a new shiny 21 gear blue bike that even has a water bottle holder! Noah could not contain himself as he took off on our little street, racing up and down, trying out hand breaks, shifting gears and turning this new big bike. Now he is ready for some biking outings!
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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Noah is eight years old today. Although he is suppose to stay in his room until 7:30 it was just too tempting to get up, sneak out of bed and out in the living room to see what would be awaiting him. He stopped dead in his track: "Wow, I did not expect this many gifts!"
Then began the waiting, and more waiting, and more waiting. Beautifully wrapped, large boxes beckoned his attention, and he had to wait!
Finally, the rest of the Severinghaus' woke up, but then it was time for breakfast. Noah requested Swedish pancakes which were devoured while reading the comics and putting forth the very best arguments for a change in tradition -open presents in the morning rather than waiting til after dinner.
Half a dozen pancakes later, we were convinced and Noah set out to open gifts. There were ohs, and ahs, and wows, and cool - and he did not stop smiling, he was grinning from ear to ear and he uncovered Legos, Remote control Helicopter, a Kite, a Airplane Model, and the coolest gift of all: Dad's hand made shooting targets.
Once all the gifts were opened, Noah put his hands to his head in bewilderment -which things should I play with first? What a difficult decision......
Happy Birthday, Noah Markus!
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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


We live in a small house, which is good, it is easy to clean; however it does pose some challenges when it comes to wrestling. Mostly wrestling takes place on our bed, but right now the bedroom is serving far too many purposes to also be the wrestling arena, so the boys had to find another venue. After a nice after dinner stroll around the neighborhood, it became crystal clear to all three of my guys that what could be a nice front lawn is the perfect place for a wrestling match. No worries about ruining a nice lawn, no risk for hitting a paint can or hammer staged for bathroom remodel, and I could close the door and not hear the noise... only the laughter trickled through the front door as they rolled around getting dirty and having fun.

Adjustable plans

On Sunday afternoon, after an early morning church service, time spent serving the little ones and a fun Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt, it was time to get out of the dress up clothes and hit the sand. We had headed to church in spitting rain, so the sun was a welcome change. Lukas and Noah opted for their usual beach activity: construction. They have by now clearly defined roles and responsibilities: Noah digs, and Lukas hunts for drift wood, and other construction materials. The original plan called for a tepee like structure, in an attempt to replicate an earlier project at Carmel Beach. This time, the refinement was to dig down under the tepee so that it would give more standing room inside. Plans seemed to progress well, and this beach offered lots of easy access drift wood. Then... the large heavy piece of wood was dropped a bit too hard in to place and the tepee was no more. Not easily discouraged, the boys quickly decided this was just as good, an under ground cave, with air ventilation roofing. Noah set out to dig out more sand underneath to make the new cave a bit bigger in order to accommodate both of them at the same time. It turned out that the cave was in a prime location for admirers, just off the path to the parking lot. Several people stopped and admired, some itching to help out, and almost every little boy that walked by on his way to the car, had to be dragged forcibly by exhausted and sandy parents bogged down with large bags of sand toys, chairs and food - why leave when there was an opportunity to dig, build and remain on the beach? When it was time to leave, Noah took a last look at the inside of their handiwork to make sure it was left in satisfactory condition. We probably brought home at least five pounds of sand inside pockets, crevices and sock folds.... but that is what vacuum cleaners are for!

Happy Easter!

We had a great Easter Sunday, albeit a bit busy.. the only moment I managed to capture was the boys in their pjs, reading the Sunday comics and while enjoying Easter Sunday morning breakfast, ehmm I mean candy....
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My First Lego Love

This greeted me on the floor at the end of the hall way one afternoon...


Noah loves watermelon and finds it hard to pass by the watermelons on display in the store. His penny pinching Mamma has told him he has to wait for the melons to be in season... One morning as he scanned the newspaper, he saw an advertisement for watermelon on sale! It was his moment - we had to get one.
The watermelon we got weighed over 18lbs but Noah thought we should have bought more than one, they were so cheap Mamma, we should get lots of them. Sensibility prevailed and we left with one 18lbs.

Back home, Noah immediately set out to carve his melon. Large knife, an audience and he was set to go. A few short minutes later, he was savoring large chunks of watermelon North Carolina style, with salt. He is the only one in the family that likes salt on the watermelon, could he really remember Kelly and watermelons with salt or is it just in his genes?

Lego Town

Lukas and Noah spends a lot of time designing and then creating Lego scenes. The most recent one is an entire medieval town, complete with soldiers on the wall, horses drinking water, and a king running amok. History read in the early morning came alive in the afternoon.

As a distraction, they also built a tall tower - just because!