Monday, July 17, 2017

When I Grow Up I Want to be a Truck

A wrong turn at a rest stop found us in the truck parking lot. Our little sedan looked even smaller among these long vehicles. Fortunately, it was not busy so nobody seemed to mind that we were aspiring for bigger things.

Flowers on the Dashboard

Bob surprised me with lovely flowers from the garden. He put them on the dashboard and even brought a spray bottle to keep them fresh and alive a bit longer... so sweet and thoughtful.

How is This Possible?

The first 95% of the packing goes pretty fast and smoothly. The last 5%, that's another story. This morning, we were left with a plethora of 'this and thats' on the counter in the kitchen, among these items fully 9 opened boxes of tissues. How did that happened? We do not even have 9 rooms...


Despite careful planning and keeping a pan out for breakfast, there was no cooking utensil. Bob brilliantly improvised and managed to cook up tasty scrambled eggs for our last breakfast.


On Monday morning, we headed out of town. It felt more like a vacation than a cross country move since it was just the two of us. In the early afternoon, we stopped at Indiana Sand Dunes. Bob braved the chilly Lake Michigan water and plunged in alongside "10,000 of our closest friends who were also enjoying summer weather and seeking relief from heat." I enjoyed the warm sand on my bare feet and the lovely vistas. If one did not look to the left nor the right - where the smoke stacks loomed large on the horizon - this could have been a beach located on any of the many tropical islands in the Caribbean. Lake Michigan is truly beautiful, impressive, and no salty taste in the mouth for those brave enough to swim.

It is Time

Our time in Michigan has come to an end and we are once again packing up a truck and heading cross country. The large trailer arrived on Thursday afternoon and on Friday the packing began. Bob carefully placed each box in just the right place to get the most boxes in to the least amount of space. He would beat anyone in a game of Tetris.

On Saturday evening, when most of the work was complete and the boys had left for camp, we cozied up on the floor with our sleeping bags and enjoyed a bottle of champagne along with cheese and crackers.

We were blessed to have many friends assist in the grueling work of putting all that we own in boxes and haul it outside. By end of day Sunday, the trailer was packed and sealed, the house cleaned and empty, and we were tired and collapsed on the floor for one final night in Michigan.

Bob has once again touched everything that we own - I am sure he thinks we have too much stuff, if nothing else his body is telling him we have too much stuff.

Eagle Scouts!

We are proud to present Troop 154 of Sterling Heights' 76th and 77th Eagle Scouts, Lukas and Noah Severinghaus.

The celebration took place at Bridge Community Church on Thursday evening, just a mere two days before the boys headed off to National Jamboree.

Noah handled menu planning and decorations and mixed up berry cobblers in the church kitchen while Lukas and Bob set up the room.

Our furthest traveled guest, Joel, graciously assisted with cake decorations and other last minute details as needed.

Dear friend took over the camera so that I could remain fully focused and present for the celebration.

It was a most joyous celebration of their hard work surrounded by fellow scouts, church members, friends, and family. 

The one missing - Sam.

Monday, July 3, 2017

The Baker

Lukas enjoyed his hard bread in Sweden and wanted to make some for us. He cleverly employed the pasta maker for his purposes and the bread was delicious!

The Loot

The boys have figured out how to bring back the  maximum amount of Swedish penny candy without risking going over the weigh limit on their bags - bring a roll-aboard carry on empty to Sweden and fill it on the return.

Now, to pack it for the move.. or shall we eat it all here in Michigan?