Monday, July 17, 2017

It is Time

Our time in Michigan has come to an end and we are once again packing up a truck and heading cross country. The large trailer arrived on Thursday afternoon and on Friday the packing began. Bob carefully placed each box in just the right place to get the most boxes in to the least amount of space. He would beat anyone in a game of Tetris.

On Saturday evening, when most of the work was complete and the boys had left for camp, we cozied up on the floor with our sleeping bags and enjoyed a bottle of champagne along with cheese and crackers.

We were blessed to have many friends assist in the grueling work of putting all that we own in boxes and haul it outside. By end of day Sunday, the trailer was packed and sealed, the house cleaned and empty, and we were tired and collapsed on the floor for one final night in Michigan.

Bob has once again touched everything that we own - I am sure he thinks we have too much stuff, if nothing else his body is telling him we have too much stuff.

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