Monday, July 17, 2017

Eagle Scouts!

We are proud to present Troop 154 of Sterling Heights' 76th and 77th Eagle Scouts, Lukas and Noah Severinghaus.

The celebration took place at Bridge Community Church on Thursday evening, just a mere two days before the boys headed off to National Jamboree.

Noah handled menu planning and decorations and mixed up berry cobblers in the church kitchen while Lukas and Bob set up the room.

Our furthest traveled guest, Joel, graciously assisted with cake decorations and other last minute details as needed.

Dear friend took over the camera so that I could remain fully focused and present for the celebration.

It was a most joyous celebration of their hard work surrounded by fellow scouts, church members, friends, and family. 

The one missing - Sam.

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Unknown said...

What a special celebration. Congratulations To two very fine young men Lukas and Noah!