Monday, July 25, 2016

And They are Off, Again!

The boys barely landed at home after the Sweden trip before they had to head to Lansing to serve as teen helpers for a CC Practicum. Once back home, they exchanged their dirty laundry for fresh clothes and headed off to Boy Scout Leadership Camp. The house is pretty empty without these two fun, sweet, and helpful boys.
Lukas work some last minute details for his Mama so that the she can do a practicum without her personal technical staff. 


The boys needed new patches sewn on for their Leadership camp. Bob and Noah ripped off the old ones while Mama sewed the new ones on using the sewing machine.

Breakfast for Champions

Noah enjoyed cherries for his first meal at home.

Heading Home

All good things come to an end. We are heading back home, waiting patiently once again in an airport.
What are in the rolling bags you might ask?  Candy, sweet treats, and tasty Swedish delicacies. 

A Swedish Outing

One day, we headed to Gusum to visit an artist gallery and stock up on necessities - ie sweets.


We spent a lot of time playing all kinds of games!

Cousins Hanging Out

They tell me they had a great time and enjoyed each other's company...

Mama much preferred this sort of interaction :-)


There are quodcopters in Sweden, also!

Sunsets in Sweden

Although seeing the sun set in the Pacific is spectacular, the sunset in Sweden is not too bad. These pictures were taking around 11 pm.


There is a lot of eating going on when the family gathers. We enjoyed delicious food daily and the cousins even had a smores thing going two nights in a row - once inside in the fire place and once outside on the grill.


The Baltic is never warm, but while we were visiting it was pretty cold....  Yet, the boys would not miss out on the traditional dop. Most of us enjoyed the Baltic from the shore.

Hanging out

The coastline at Larsboda is beautiful and it never gets old sitting by the shore, watching the view, playing with rocks, and enjoying life.

Fast boat?

Bob and the boys took out the little motor boat as well, exploring the islands around Larsboda. 

The Fleet

Lukas thought the old windsurfing board should get a new life. Noah and his cousins created little boats. Pretty soon there was a large fleet of boats ready to sail.


Larsboda means tinkering. Lukas and Noah had a lot of fun creating, building, and inventing new things.