Sunday, April 10, 2016

Excuse me, it is APRIL!!!

One would certainly not guess that this picture was taken on April 10....


Lukas and Noah helped Bob clean out one of the patrol boxes. Bob fixed the broken lock and hinges and after the box was cleaned, Bob even gave it a coat of paint. It looks almost brand new! Lukas even made an inventory spreadsheet! These scouts are prepared, ready, and thrifty - reusing, refurbishing, and recycling.


In between cooking breakfasts, doing his school, scouting, and music, Noah found time to set out a new puzzle for the family. Although we all pitched in some, it was Noah who made it happened. It was Noah who put in the last piece. We all enjoyed observing the skyline of Stockholm more closely - there are many red roofs in Stockholm!

Division of labor?

Noah cooks breakfast while Lukas does math...

Watching the plants

Noah is keeping careful track of his hydroponic garden venture, snapping photos of the little tiny plants.

April Fools

Noah and Lukas made delicious 'sliders' for our April 1st gathering with sweet friends. The children were all excited to start off their meals with these tasty appetizers.

Perks of traveling

The boys enjoy the free wifi offered at airports and take full advantage of their 'limitless' computer time. It sure makes waiting time go faster.  We did not have to worry about picking up food at the airport, we were well supplied before we departed Carl Junction. Our travel snacks were certainly the envy of those poor travelers having to resort to the fast food joints on Easter Sunday. 

Noah was excited about the great view out his window - the airplane wing!


Each of us was given a lovely, filled to the brim with sweets, Easter basket on Easter Sunday. We were able to attend worship service, eat a delicious brunch, celebrate a birthday and our Risen Savior before the boys and Mama had to head to the airport to travel back to Detroit. What a fun weekend we had with Grammy, Lisa, and Elisabeth.

Spring gardening

Spring has arrived in Missouri. The boys prepared the garden beds and planted the first set of seed. The rule helped ensure the seeds were spaced properly and planted in straight lines.

Assembly time

Lukas and Noah happily took on the tasks of assembling the new office chair, the garden box, and the umbrella stand. Noah still cannot resist the allure of a box - the one box was almost as tall as he is.

Note the sneakers at the bottom of the box, those were not part of the garden box. 

Noah had to crawl inside the box to finish the assembly...

He could not resist hanging out inside the box once he was done with his work. 

The little tiny car is not so little

Bob managed the unimaginable and loaded all our purchases into the little tiny car. He had quite the audience outside Home Depot as he put the new garden box in. So the little tiny blue car is not so little after all, looks are deceiving.

A little work

Noah happily took on the project of sorting all of the cooking books and then restack them nicely on the etagere shelf in the kitchen. While sorting, he stopped to read and now has plenty of new ideas for things we ought to make for dinner and snack.

Decorating Easter Eggs

Lukas and Noah decorated the Easter Eggs. Unlike in years past when they boys have added to the permanent collection of Easter eggs, these were all freshly hard boiled eggs, so by the end of the weekend, they were all but a memory.   Some art is meant to be temporal.

Even with the lack of sleep, we had been up at 3:15 am, they boys exhibited their creative juices and fashioned a nice drying rack for the eggs, and Noah could not resist his new hat. 

Little car

We had a tiny rental car, but Noah's backpack  and violin fit in his lap :-) and he was still relatively comfortable. Lukas on the other hand.. he was more like a flat origami. It is a good thing he did not bring his keyboard.  We were lucky we only had to drive a few miles in the little, tiny, and bright blue car. Most of our travels, while in Missouri, occurred in Grammy's nice, comfortable, and luxurious SUV.

Travel in Comfort

We headed to Missouri for Easter. The plane schedule gave us plenty of time in Dallas, fortunately, the USO is nice and close by. It even has a massage chair to help treat tired, worn out, and cramped muscles.