Monday, July 23, 2018

East Coast Sunsets are also Pretty

I took full advantage of being on the East Coast and visited dear friends in their new home. After dinner, we headed outside to enjoy the magnificent sunset over the water.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Boy Scout Summer Camp

While I was visiting East Coast friends, Bob, Lukas, and Noah headed to Boy Scout Summer Camp in California with their Flagstaff Scout troop. They come back tired after a full and exciting week.

Swim in the Atlantic

In July, I had a chance to attend a classical education conference in Charleston, SC. Not only did I have an opportunity to learn but I had the privilege of spending time with a dear friend. On Saturday, after we had absorbed as much as we could of the seminars, we headed to the beach to cool off and explore the Atlantic. The water was so warm - neither one of us will ever forget the lovely changing room - a largish bath towel by a bush.

All dressed up for the banquet

Monday, July 16, 2018

Private Lunch, Appalachian Hike, and Badminton

On my way to the conference in Charleston, I made a quick stop in Virginia to visit a special friend. Our first stop on the way back from the airport was a private luncheon. The food was fantastic, the setting serene, and the fellowship fabulous. Later in the afternoon, we hiked part of the Appalachian Trail, and after dinner, we played badminton. It was such a joy, and I only wish I could have stayed longer - this family knows hospitality.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Interesting Stop

We stopped at a small air museum west of Alburquque. The buildings were restored markers used for the first Trans Atlantic Air Transport in the late 1920s. The pilot flew at 1000 feet and navigated by the large arrows and bright beacons on the ground.
In addition to the information about the navigational system, there was an exhibit of Charles Lindbergh's areal photography alongside photos taken recently of the same sites. An interesting stop on the road and a great chance to stretch our legs.

Heading Home

It is once again time to say goodbye. We headed west and managed to hit the free Seven - Eleven promotion at least once in Alburquque. In Amarillo, we ordered from our favorite Mexican restaurant and Noah had his left over for lunch on the road.

As we approached Flagstaff, we began to see rain clouds!

Silver Polish

Noah discovered the joy of polishing silver while visiting Grammy.

We Always Eat Well in Missouri

There is never a shortage of excellent food when we visit Missouri. Noah and Lukas experienced Stucky's one evening, and after a delicious meal at the Red Onion, we stopped for ice cream shakes. It was late at night, and the temperature was finally cooling off.


It is hard to cull out books and mementos. Bob and the boys pulled out the ladder to reach the books on the top shelf, and Lisa took the floor to go through papers in the boxes. Great team effort made the work go fast and smoothly. 

Drone Flying

Lukas had a chance to fly his drone and captured Grammy's house from the air. 

Severinghaus Family Picture

We found several family pictures as we dug through the boxes.
Tom and Barb

Tom and Barb

Tom, Joel, Barb, and Bob

Lisa, Barb, Tom, Nelson, Josie, Ben, Ginny, Jody, Joel and Bob in the front

Jason, Lisa, Scott, Jeff, Laura, and Elisabeth

Some of Tom Severinghaus' Accomplishments

As we worked through boxes, we found these treasures.


Nelson Severinghaus, Tom's father

Josie, Tom, Nelson, Ben
Barb baby photos

Marion Molford, Josie Thompson's mother
Tom in his Army uniform
Robert Franklin Northey with his grandparents, his grandmother was from Germany

Bob as newborn
As Barb sorted through boxes, we encountered photos of relatives. What a treasure to know the face of grand and great-grandparents
Barb and her paternal grandmother at the piano

Tom and Barb

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Lois Northey

Barb's paternal grandmother

Tom and his Dad, Nelson, playing

Tom fishing

Barb's maternal grandfather, last name Henry

Barb's dad Robert Franklin Northey at the piano

Barb at high school graduation

Barb in costume for dance recital