Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Since this was as shorter trip to Missouri, we opted to fly. Although it seems time spent is about the same, the benefit is everyone can nap while being transported. Long lay-overs were significantly eased by the well appointed USO in Dallas. The boys enjoyed free wifi, McDonalds, and all the candy they could eat.


Visiting Grammy means not only excellent food, amazing hospitality, and wonderful fellowship, but it also means encumbered tinkering time. Noah took full advantage of this opportunity and spent time in the garage.

A Good Turn Daily

The boys and Bob lived out the Boy Scout motto- Do a Good Turn Daily.

Hanging out with Grammy

We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Grammy. Lukas and Noah made themselves at home in the kitchen, making popcorn, emptying dishwashers, and assisting in the food preparations.  We had ample time to relax, watch TV, and do the amazing puzzle, a gift awaiting us when we arrived. It was rather poignant that we were doing an Eiffel Tower considering what the end of the week held. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Noah spent some time after dinner tonight making a Christmas craft for our house. This is still work in progress, and I cannot wait to see the final product.

Dumpster diving...

The boys joined me for some exercise this morning. Although, not their favorite activity, on Tuesdays it is a bit easier to convince them to get out. It is trash day and one never knows what one will find. Today, the boys came home with a large flat screen TV, a nice wood chair and a table suitable for our oversized, never used front patio.  And yes, we had to come back home and get the car, the TV was far too large to carry any significant distance.

Tuesday is also a heavy school day yet the incentive of exploring their new finds made the work go swiftly and smoothly...

Thanksgiving feast

We celebrated an early Thanksgiving with Barb and Lisa. We were treated like royalties, barely lifting a finger, and being served a meal fit for a king and his court. Noah was in charge of the camera and capture what he deemed important.

Day trip

While visiting family in Missouri, we decided to take a day trip to Arkansas to see the wellknown Thorncrown Chapel and also see the new Frank Lloyd Wright house erected at Crystal Bridges Museum.
The chapel, which has garnered national recognition for its architecture, is beuatifully tucked away among the trees. The front of the chapel is all glass, making it appear as if you are looking straight out into nature. Every detail is meticiolously attended to for aestetics and compatability with the site. It was nice to read that the chapel hosts weekly services and that everyone was welcome to come in, sit for a while, meditate on God's provisions and creation, and admire the amazing construction. Despite its national fame it has not let go of its Christian roots and tenants. Someone was sitting there, ready to pray with anyone who desired prayers.

Our next stop was Eureka Springs, a quiant little tourist town tucked into the valley. We enjoyed a delicious luncheon on the top floor of the Crescent Hotel. The weather was so good that we could sit outside and we even needed to ask that they roll out the sun awning to give us some much needed shade. The view was fantastic, the food tasty, and the company the best!

Our last stop was the Crystal Bridges Museum to primarily take a a peak at its newest addition, a Frank Lloyd Wright house that was dismantled and moved from New Jersey. We were too late to get tickets to go inside, but we did enjoy it as we walked around the gardens.

Bob and Noah could not help but arrange for their very own live artwork - Lady in elevator. Photobombing was included :-)

Bob, our courteous driver, chauffeured us around in style and we throughly enjoyed our little trip with family.

Favorite snack

We bought a large box of apples and decided to break out the food dehydrator and make dried apples for our upcoming trip. The first batch turned out pretty good, although the tasters prefered their apples peeled. Lukas happily munched on the peels while researching his current event issue on the computer.

Noah found some tension relief in jumping on bubble wrap. The noise somehow melts all the stress. He then settled down on the floor to study birds for his upcoming research paper.

This is how we roll at the SILL Academy, and we are mighty proud of our 'uniform.'

Practicing First Aid?

Noah spent time preparing to teach his patrol members first aid. I could not help but take a picture since it looks too funny. I sure hope they will never need to use these skills.

Friday, November 6, 2015


Noah has enrolled the family in an exercise program and we are faithfully outside walking/trotting/jogging a few times each week. At the end of last week, it sure looked like we were full fledged into rainy, cold, windy fall. None of us were all that excited about heading outside, and we kept an eye out for the a break in the weather to get outside. This week, we were greeted by glorious weather once again. Blue sky, gentle breeze, and a sun that was shining bright and warm through the remainder of the leafy trees on the neighborhood streets. It was a pure joy to get outside, get some exercise, and marvel at the multitude of colors.