Thursday, May 12, 2016


As we settle in on the couch in the morning to do our devotions, we frequently are joined by Mr. Squirrel. No, he is not invited, we did not tell him what we are up to, and we do not think he can understand, yet he faithfully sits on the step, pressing his little face into the glass, trying to catch some pearls of wisdom.
When is soul is full, he heads to the birdfeeder to nourish his stomach.


Now that CC is over, our other kind of education is kicking high gear. Lukas and Noah spent two days learning how to do blacksmithing and came home with some beautiful artifacts and soot!

Learning while playing

Noah beat his Mama fair and square in this fun English game. He is a master at seeing letter combinations that make up words. Pretty cool word, also!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Challenge A Year End Celebration

Challenge A celebrated the completion of the year with a bowling event.  Noah and his three compatriots had fun sending the ball down the lane...

CC is complete

This past week, we had our year-end celebration at CC. The boys both showed off some of what they have learned this year, however, their parents were too awestruck to pull out the camera :-) We simply enjoyed seeing all the small, little bigger, and biggest kids demonstrate some of the many things they have mastered this year. Afterwards, some of us headed to a local ice cream store for delicious shakes - this was that regular size one, sure glad we did not order large ones!

Noah's final map

Noah spent an hour straight drawing his world map from memory and then continued to add to the map for another week. All in all, he memorized over 400 geographical features along with the borders and shapes of countries and continents. Well done, Noah!

Food For a Week!

Lukas ordered take out for dinner and this is what we got... I think I will not need to cook for a week, at least!

The Celebration Continues

Noah continued his birthday celebration by hosting a sleepover. Boys, soda, ice cream, candy, snacks, and unlimited Minecraft. Noah stayed up all night!

Taking flight

Noah, Lukas, and Bob put together Noah's new airplane so that they could take it for a flight in the park.

Happy Birthday, Noah

We now have two teenagers. Noah informed me that he will now begin to sleep later, "because teenagers are always tired." He did sleep in a bit and then chatted with his Grammy and Mormor/Morfar on the phone before having breakfast. In the afternoon, he gladly helped clean the bowl that I used to make his cake, and he happily ordered up sushi for his birthday dinner. After dinner, he joyfully opened his many brown boxes that had stacked up in the living room. A grand celebration!

Playful Noah

Only Noah would think to try to fit inside his new backpack.... and he did !

Challenge B dinner

Lukas and his fellow Challenge B classmates enjoyed a celebration dinner after completing Challenge B successfully.

Oh Joy, Standardized Testing!

Yes, even homeschoolers take standardized tests... What do Lukas and Noah think about this? The picture tells it all!

Spring flowers

The trees are blooming, there is spring in the air!