Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Goggles Required

Noah thought goggles were required for his online math exercises....

Finally, Lukas' 15 Year-Old Picture

Good intentions do not always make for fast actions.. It is now almost two months since our oldest son turned 15 and no pictures of this handsome young man. Sunday we made it happen! The sun was shining, there were still a few leaves on the trees and Lukas happily posed for the camera.

Leftover Friday

The picture says it all!

Noah carved a piece of white meat from the "reserve" turkey that we did not need to use on Thanksgiving. Everyone brought so much food :-)


We hosted several families from our church on Thanksgiving. In order to seat everyone, we had to re-arrange our furniture. All four of us pitched in, cleaning, decorating, setting table, baking pies, making rolls, preparing side dishes, and Bob also had the additional responsibility of frying up two rubbed turkeys. Lukas managed the sweet potato chips making while the turkeys were resting.

Scout Feast

In November, the Boy Scout troop hosts the traditional 'Feast of the Unlucky Turkey.' Noah and Lukas, along with their respective patrol were responsible for some of the side dishes, while Bob fried up a turkey for the festivities. The balmy Friday turned into snowy, sleety Saturday, however, it did not appear to have put a damper on the celebration.

Never Too Old

The city is finally fixing our very pockmarked street. Construction vehicles made a ruckus this morning and the boys were fascinated by the activities. Breakfast and trucks, it sure looks like we are transported back to toddler years....

Breakfast Art

Do you notice a trend? According to Noah, food is not just nourishment; it

is to be a feast for the eye.
The small tomatoes on the counter are from the final garden harvest and they ripen nicely on the counter! 


We roasted marshmallows over our backyard fire pit and enjoyed a leisurely Sunday evening before getting ready for the work week. Our carved pumpkins provided added decorations to the festivities before they too met their demise - the trashcan on Monday am.

Another Perfect Airplane Weather Day

Sunday offered another gorgeous, warm, sunny, and calm weather day and Lukas and Noah headed to the park as soon as we got home from church. They did not even stop to eat lunch, the opportunity to fly too great to miss.

Uncommonly warm Sunday

Lukas and Noah had the opportunity to share their ham radio knowledge with two young boys trying to earn merit badges. The sunny and unusually warm day made it pleasant to spend an afternoon in the park. Lukas did an excellent job explaining the various parts of ham radio and answered detailed antennae questions with ease. Although they were able to listen in on several conversations, some as far away as Florida, they were not able to make contact. The two young boys were satisfied with the activity. As a bonus, they were able to watch Lukas and Noah fly their airplanes. Both Lukas and Noah practice flying 'first person view' meaning they were a large contraption on their head and can see first hand the view that the little plane has, as the camera attached to the airplane is transmitting data to the headgear. It is pretty amazing to get a 300' overview of our community, in particular now that all the leaves are changing - the color palette is incredible, far greater than any painting we ever seen.

The Art of Logic

Noah took a break from drilling his logic cards and created the "House of Logic."

Snack Art

Noah's mid morning snack - why throw apple slices on a plate when they can be beautifully stacked, leaving the perfect space for a bit of caramel?

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Pumpkin Carving

Bob and the boys carved pumpkins on Monday evening. Because it was Halloween, the Scout meeting was cancelled, so they Lukas and Noah were ready to hand out candy. Although the weather was decent, we only had a handful of visitors, and we are now 'stuck' with a bunch of candy. The good news is we are decorating gingerbread

houses in a month so the candy will come in handy.