Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Uncommonly warm Sunday

Lukas and Noah had the opportunity to share their ham radio knowledge with two young boys trying to earn merit badges. The sunny and unusually warm day made it pleasant to spend an afternoon in the park. Lukas did an excellent job explaining the various parts of ham radio and answered detailed antennae questions with ease. Although they were able to listen in on several conversations, some as far away as Florida, they were not able to make contact. The two young boys were satisfied with the activity. As a bonus, they were able to watch Lukas and Noah fly their airplanes. Both Lukas and Noah practice flying 'first person view' meaning they were a large contraption on their head and can see first hand the view that the little plane has, as the camera attached to the airplane is transmitting data to the headgear. It is pretty amazing to get a 300' overview of our community, in particular now that all the leaves are changing - the color palette is incredible, far greater than any painting we ever seen.

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