Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Look What FedEx Brought!

As we are about to move, I had a moment of panic when I saw the FedEx truck back up into our driveway. What is being delivered? One more thing to pack? Alas, no, it was a sweet, delicious, and oh so tasty treat from generous and kind friends in celebration of Noah's birthday. I am pretty confident I will not need to find a spot for this in our packing boxes.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

And So It Begins

The Severinghaus' are getting ready for yet another move. Our most recent one was a local move, simple, easy, door to door transport of most of the goods, and a U-Haul for a Saturday morning. This time, it is a bit more complicated.

In late July, we will need to update our driver's licenses and the car tags and replace our Michigan plates with Arizona plates. We will make our new home in Flagstaff, Arizona.

The first of the boxes are in the house and we are sorting, purging, packing, sorting, purging, packing when we are not stalking the stock people at the local grocery stores to see if we can score a few more boxes.

Brown is the new decor color :-)

Another Last...

Troop 154 held the quarterly Court of Honor on Monday evening. It was also Lukas and Noah's last time with the troop. They handed over patrol flags, notebooks, supplies, and the baton to the up and coming leaders. Many great memories have been made alongside these young men and the adult leaders of this troop. 

South Haven Fun

After a 'strenuous' day of Practicum, we headed to South Haven, MI for fun in the sun, fellowship, and tasty ice cream. One of the pleasures of attending a practicum is spending time with friends. Everyone had a great time and the boys got one more dip into Lake Michigan.


Noah used up a dye kit that he found in the basement. The weather was nice and it was not too windy, so he headed outside to create.

Impromptu Concert

Lukas and Noah critiqued their performance and noted the places where they 'messed' up. They treated us to an impromptu concert after dinner. Although they challenged Bob to join them, he declined.


We are facing many 'lasts' here in Michigan and Friday was another 'last.' Lukas and Noah participated in their last recital with Mrs. Wicklund. They practiced diligently and faithfully and both seemed to enjoy themselves while performing. We will certainly miss Mrs. Wicklund, our Wednesday afternoon lessons, and her sweet smile.

Oldie but Goodie

As the boys are cleaning out and clearing out the basement, they are uncovering plenty of hidden treasures. One is this 'ancient' laptop given to them by our next door neighbors in Monterey. The computer contains wonderful 'old fashion' video games and the boys are having fun playing the games while they are making fun of the games.  Who says news is better?

New Millinery Fashion?

Is there a market for this one? Tuna carton decorated with an instant bow? (Not included in the price, the headphones)