Monday, March 4, 2013


We try to keep Fridays open for science. The preferred type of science experiments of course those that blow something up, where something makes a noise, and/or involves fire. This week we worked on identifying gases, primarily carbon dioxide. Noah and Lukas both tried to fill the water jar with air by blowing in the straw, and then pouring the gas into a solution for identification. We did not succeed but it was not for lack of trying and there was a lot of water splashing and giggling in the process. It is good to refer back to the giants who have long lists of failed experiments in their lab books before the BIG one.

The second experiment involved 'dangerous' chemicals, always a draw and changing liquid's color from brownish yellow to purple blue - another method to help in the identification of unknown chemicals.

Part two of the lab had to wait til the next morning as the solution had to sit. I am sure that the reasons the Saturday morning experiments were so successful was the presence of Diet Coke... The boys really enjoyed having their Dad do the teaching and mixing, and were even willing to record dutifully all that happened without much griping. I wonder if Iwould get the same results if I drank Diet Coke?  

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