Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Lukas and Noah along with their friends spent most of the time in the basement, playing video games, building Lego, playing more video games, watching movies, playing yet more video games, eating pop corn, drinking cocoa and or soda to stay awake and playing video games. There were undoubtedly a few new records set in that basement.... And this is the result at the end... no more energy, cannot even crack a smile... yet they remained kind and courteous, they were just plain done. As soon as the car pulled out of the drive way, Noah headed to bed, not even bothering pulling his curtains shut to keep out the daylight. He surfaced for a brief moment around dinner time, and quickly headed back to bed. It was after 10 am when he finally woke up, and ready to get going again, woke his still sleeping brother. That is what brothers are for, right?

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