Monday, June 15, 2015

Camping in the UP

This year, there was a new word added to the official dictionary, yupers, which means someone who hails from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The yupers refer to those who live in the lower part of Michigan as trolls... living under the bridge.

Having heard lots about the UP, it seemed to be a great place for a vacation. The campsite was located right at the edge of the Lake Huron and afforded us a beautiful view of the lakes, the bridge, and the island. Since the campsite provided electricity this was a first, camping with electric skillet and hot water kettle. Noah added a lovely touch of flower to the table as I had forgotten the table cloth.

Even though many bugs met their match in the front of the car, there were plenty to go around. 

Five miles long, Lake Huron on one side Lake Michigan on the other. 

The climate and terrain reminded us all of Sweden, rain in June and even those little prickly mosquitos that quickly identified the cutest and sweetest of us all, Noah.

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