Sunday, January 17, 2016

Christmas in January

Since we spent Christmas in Sweden, and we did indeed have some luggage restrictions, we decided to not bring gifts for ourselves with us on our trip, but rather celebrate when we got home. Our Brown Box tree had held up beautifully while we were away and the call of the boxes made unpacking and putting away bags, sorting and doing laundry, and clearing out backpacks and toiletry kits a swift business- once chores were complete it was time for Christmas.

It is sort of nice to have the tree disappear with the gifts, no needles to care for, no decorations that can break, and no need to crawl under the tree to water it. After our box bonanza, we enjoyed a quite Christmas dinner, albeit brief as the mysterious bug that had followed us caught up with Bob and he excused himself for bed. Is this a good enough excuse for not having any photos from our dinner?

Bob donned the Santa hat, the rest of us pulled out our redish sweaters

These flowers from our landlord did pretty well on our front porch for 10 days!

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