Thursday, June 23, 2016

Noah's photo session

When the boys were little, I would drag them to a photographer and have their pictures taken about every three or so months - the frequency depended on the number of discount coupons I had. The coupons have stopped arriving and the boys are a bit too old to sit on the floor with their favorite toy. Lukas and Noah are still happily participating in candid shots but a bit less enthused when it is time for a more intentional photo session. Yet, they seem to enjoy walking by their pictures on the wall.... so what is a Mama to do? She drags her already 13 year old outside and makes him pose.

We are so proud of our sweet, funny, kind, generous, tenderhearted, creative, and, and, and, and, the list can go on and on about our Noah. God has richly blessed him with talents and he is using them well.

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