Monday, July 25, 2016

Mini vacation

Bob and I had a chance for a mini vacation while the boys were away in Kansas City. On Friday evening, we explored one of the largest used bookstores around, and the smell of old books was intoxicating. We spent hours browsing, perusing, and reading - and amazingly we left with only a $2 purchase!
Since we were downtown, we headed to Greektown for dinner and a bit of ice cream. A fun evening.

On Saturday morning, Bob strapped the bikes to the car and we headed to Canada for the day, more specifically Windsor, the part of Canada that is located south of the US.  The bikes allowed us to explore the path along the river, a lovely sculpture garden, and we even made a quick stop at the local art museum.

Based on Bob's research, we ate at Bubi's, famous for its sauce and appearance of Food Network. The food was definitely good.

A relaxing, enjoyable mini vacation - or extended date - was what we needed!

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