Tuesday, January 10, 2017

He Can Fix It!

An absent-minded Mama dropped the last two cups of Basmati rice into the pressure cooker, added tasty broth liquid only to realize that the pot was leaking. The actual pot was not inside the cooker, so the rice and liquid drained straight into the electronics part of this trusty kitchen appliance.

While Mama cleaned up the messy floor and counter, Lukas set out to save the pressure cooker. He swiftly disassembled it and carefully wiping, cleaning, and vacuuming out the innards. He was methodical and careful and when it was all done, the machinery looked like it was new, not nearly 8 years old.  Although Lukas had had other plans for his spare time, he cheerfully took on the task and even remarked that it was fun.

The pressure cooker is back in action and Lukas can now add one more thing to his long list of capabilities - fixing kitchen appliances.

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