Monday, July 3, 2017

On Our Way

Midsummer is one of the biggest holidays in Sweden and this year we were able to be there for this summer event. When we began checking airline prices, we realized we could save a lot of money by flying out of Canada.

Early Friday morning, we loaded the car and headed East. To make a day out of it,  we stopped in London - not England, but Ontario - for some sightseeing, food, and stretching our legs. Our first stop was a recreation of an old native Canadian village, Ska-Nah-Doth. It was interesting to see the ingenuity employed in keeping unwanted men and beasts out. The large outside fire ring was to welcome guests and only after earning the trust of the villagers were visitors invited into their homes.

The famous radar museum was under renovation, but we stumbled upon the Royal Canadian Regiment Museum and found it delightful.

We also visited the St Peter's Cathedral - a beautiful church in downtown London, and it got us ready for the churches in Europe. 

For lunch, we explored the Farmers Market and downtown London and fortified we set out for the airport and the long flight/short night travel to Europe.

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