Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Christmas Eve

The family gathered on Parkvagen on Christmas Eve. The only one missing was Niclas and his family who spent the holidays in a ski resort. We enjoyed a typical Swedish Christmas Smorgasbord, the traditional glogg, lots of sparkling wine and Jul must for the children before we headed downstairs for gifts and holiday cheer.
To humour their sister/aunt everyone joined me for the old-fashioned Disney programme that was a big part of Christmas in my childhood. The contrast was stark and stunning between the new and the old....
 Christmas stockings Sweden style - and it looks like the boys enjoyed them!

I cannot believe my Mama is making me watch cartoons.....

Noah missed his violin and tried his hand at the piano

Noah demonstrates his art set for Morfar

Noah's gift to Mormor, now where to hang it?

Even our wedding photo is Christmas decorated - note the small tomte in the corner

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