Monday, July 3, 2017

Sweden Here We Come

On Monday morning, we said goodbye to our friends and headed east. A slight snafu made us return to Norway, which allowed us to get a better photo of the border signs both ways :-)

We meandered through Sweden on highways and byways on our way to Larsboda. After the obligatory stop for penny candy, we settled in for Jane Eyre on audio book and pretty scenery. Since we made the unplanned detour back to Oslo, we did not have too much time for longer stops. Yet, we stopped in Orebro and walked around the Castle, partook of an open-air art show and bought more food for the car ride. We also stopped at Vattern so that the brave ones in the family could dip their feet into the cold fresh water lake.

As we approached Larsboda, we were greeted by a lovel rainbow - a fitting end to an adventuresome day.

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