Monday, July 3, 2017

Work Day

Homeownership has its benefits, and it has its requirements. On Tuesday, we helped clear out branches from the most recent culling of trees on the property. Fewer trees mean more view, and it was hard to concentrate on the work as everywhere one looked there was a view to behold.

Lukas tackled the area below the house, one that we would like to call a field, but that most other neighbors would like to view as a lawn.

While Lukas mowed, Noah and Bob continued to sweep and clear out debris. As they brushed and cleared they realized there was a part of the deck surrounding the house that could use a bit of TLC. Lukas was tasked with design and planning and had his brother and Dad assist with execution. At one point in time, his uncle joined in the effort, although most of the time Lukas was left to his own to manage the project. His audience vexed and waned throughout the days and he was offered many glasses of cold drinks by the bystanders.

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